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Projects – Print + Paper

Extraction system of paper

Application: Bookbinding, printing shop, paper converting, paper manufacture, paper shredding, edge strip.

Extraction and waste disposal system of a printing plant

In a printing plant three enveloping plants, two cutting lines and four cutting machines are extracted . Furthermore, the incurred additional paper is disposed. The extraction and disposal system is installed in a separate room.

At the cutting machines, the waste is extracted as edge strip. For this reason, a single-tube system has been installed. The edge strip are brought together in front of the fan, and then crushed by knifes of the fan. Before the fan, a water injection unit is mounted to bring out the static electricity from the material.

The entire system is fully automated via a machine recognition. The compression system is equipped with a sensor barrier so that it automatically starts when material accumulates. Furthermore, it can be placed on the feeding hopper by hand material.

While changing the containers of the pressing plant, the extraction system can continue running. By means of a pneumatic press a cache hopper is installed that material can be buffered. Furthermore, an automatic shredder security level 5 was installed, which is connected to the extraction system.

Extraction system with a briquetting press on an cartridge cutting machine

On a sleeve cutting machine, the resulting shavings are extracted and disposed. The system was installed in the operating rooms. Thus, the requirements for fire had to be observed. These requirements were met by a Q-Box.

This special pressure relief option ensures that the system can also be installed in the operating rooms. The accrued chips are passed to a briquetting press.

Extraction and waste disposal system of a data processing center

In a data processing center, the accruing paper waste is extracted on eight machines and fed to a fully automatic summarization system. The edge strip are extracted and crushed by a fan with knife.

By the reason of sound protection, the fan is installed in the basement. The pipeline has been installed in a single pipe system. A water injection unit is installed to bring out the static electricity from the extracted edge strip.

Due to the fact that the extraction system has been installed in a residential area, various sound protection measures had to be taken:

The material separator and the hydraulic unit of the pressing plant was isolated. The entire plant is installed outdoor and covered with special noise protection elements . This ensures that the system is in sound level below 50 dB(A).

Extraction and waste disposal system at three rotary printing machinery

Extraction system with a baling press

This extraction and disposal system is designed to remove punching waste on a printing press for folders.

The punching waste is extracted on two position. Afterwards the material passes through a fan and material separator where it is deposited via a rotary feeder.

The paper waste falls into the baler and the dust is extracted by the compact filter. The baler is a fully automatic system. The bales are tied automatically and are ejected via a roller conveyor.

For materials that are not to be processed by the baler, a bulk sheet can be mounted in the hopper, to avoid the press.

Extraction and waste disposal system in an printing plant

A system for paper waste has been installed. A fan mounted on the press system, which is insulated with a soundproof cabin, the paper waste is extracted at a adhesive binder.

The material is extraceted by a material separator and is supplied to the press line. The press system has a buffer hopper.

Furthermore, a pneumatic press closure device was attached to the pressing plant. Thus, the system can continue to operate even during container change.

The dust-laden air is separated in the material separator and fed to a filter with screw discharge.

Extraction system for self-adhesive label

At six machines waste paper and self-adhesive label waste is extracted. By pipe cutter, the material is cut and special device is installed to spray an oil mist on the self-adhesive material, so that it can not stick together in the pipe.

The waste is transported by a transport ventilator to a material separator. An exhaust fan provides in the material separators for pressure compensation. The cleaned air passes through a compact filter back into the operating room.

Extraction and waste disposal system for paper and confetti with an included press

In a printing plant edge stripe waste is extracted on several machines e.g. at a face cutting machine and confetti. The system is divided into two pipes.

  1. The edge strip are transported by the fan through a material separator into the pressing plant.
  2. The confetti is drawn directly from a transport ventilator in the filter system where it is deposited through a lock.

The dust-laden air from the material separator enters the filter system through which the purified air is returned to the operating rooms.

Extraction system for punching in a corrugated cardboard plant

Extraction system with disintegrator and baler

Extraction in a large printing

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