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Projects – Food

Extraction and waste disposal system for end plates

End plates and crumps that incur by cutting at bread slicers are extracted. Furthermore charging point have been installed for bread waste. The two end plates fall right after the cut into in the slicer attached funnel and are immediatly extracted. The crumbs are collected by two funnel and disposed through the piping system. Subsequently, the bread is drawn over the surface, so that there are no crumbs on the bread.

Incidental waste consisting of end plates or whole breads are thrown into the funnel and are disposed pneumatical. Each machine and feed point is connected to a single pipe system including built-in diverters with two stainless stell cyclones. One cyclone is for the disposal and a stainless stell cyclone is available for recycling. Below the cyclone for recycling is a desintegrator for waste bread that comminutes bread.

The result is 10 mm large parts of residue, so that they can be supplied by means of a high pressure system for recycling.

Each machine or waste site can be supplied to any disposal or recycling. Further, a manual extration system is installed. The manual vacuum cleaner can be connected to several places in the clean room. The extracted air passes through a filter system, a clean air fan and a subsequent F 9-filter back into the clean room. The collected dust in the filters is supplied directly to the waste container via a lock.

The effectiveness has been reached so that no more waste must be transported manually out of the clean room. There are no conveyor belts more required. Especially the clean room quality was improved because the waste was directly disposed.

Extraction system for end plates on two circular blade machines, including an oil dust and vacuum cleaner installation

Extraction system for end plates on three machines with oil mist extraction and vacuum cleaning system in a large bakery

Extraction system for flour dust

Presentation at the IBA 2012

Extraction system for films on a bun unpacking

Extraction system for film edge strips on roller blades and extruder

Film edge strips are extracted in the production and processing of films for the food sector and self-service packaging. The edge strips are cut by pipe cutter, supplied via the respective diverters and fans hopper loaders. The film goes directly to a baler and the hard film over the separator into a granulator.

The granulate is extracted and transported in duo big-bag stations.

The material is passed through a cyclone separator of the big-bag station. Upon reaching the degree of filling they switchover automatically to the other big bag. The dust-laden air is passed through a screw filter system. The purified warm air is supplied to the operating room again.

Extraction and waste disposal system for PET bottles

Extraction system of toast end plates

Extraction system for bread and toast end plates on cutting machines

On three cutting ​​machines (brown bread and wholemeal bread) and four slicer incurred end plates and crumbs are extracted.

The end plates and crumbs which are extracted crush through the cyclone and the lock fall in into the desintegrator. From there it is fed automatically reprocessing.

Extraction system for end plates at 11 slicers with cradle and conveyor

Extraction system for end plates on slicer and bread rolls with separate vacuum system

Infrared heat extraction system for disinfection of bread slicers

Extraction of peeling machines for the mutual separation of the white rectangular loaves of bread crust

Flour dust extraction system

Extraction for 6 slicer (bread slicers) with recycling system

Extraction system for a blanching plant

Emerging from the blanching conditioning vapor is sucked by means of extraction hoods and conveyed to the droplet.
There, the water drops are completely separated and the air is supplied to the production space back.
The same system can also be used as pre-separators for oil mist.

Extraction in a chip factory to 2 spice drums

Extraction for 2 longitudinal section lines for rolls and bread

On two cutting systems, the scraps left over from cutting crumbs are firstly collected and sucked by a funnel.

The main component is an attached directly to the suction system which sucks 8 knives incurred crumbs directly to the knives.

The crumb is sucked into a cyclone filter and then through a rotary valve depressurised passed a container.

The fan sits the clean air side and the extracted air is fed to the production room again.

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