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Projects – Plastic

Extraction and waste disposal system for PVC edge strip and punching

Application: Film making, plastic packaging, plate- / semi-finished / profile production, insulating materials, plastic fumes , photovoltaic manufacturing.

At this project on 18 machinery edge strip and punching are extracted, incurred in the production of different bags. Before commissioning the plant wastes were extracted and individually wrapped by small mobile extraction systems at the machinery.

Since the machinery are set up in two different production facilities , two separate piping were installed. In one group there are also 13 extraction points for edge strip. The edge strip are led to pipe cutters by single pipe systems and cut there.

The punching waste is sucked into a separate pipe system and supplied together with the cut edge strip to the material separator by a transport fan.

There the waste is filled into big bag. In the second group slugs are also extracted and fed to the material separator by a smaller fan.

The dust-laden air from the material separator enters the filter system through which the purified air is returned to the operating rooms.

Extraction system for plastic vapor

In this project vapors that accrue in the production of plastic packaging bags and film are extracted.

There are 16 machines which are each equipped with a sealing bar. On each machine is a special exhaust hood installed.

All covers are equipped with butterfly valves with which the air flow can be adjusted. A piping system connects all hoods with a filter system. This filter system which is installed in the production area has an integrated clean air fan. In the filter system a pre-filter has been installed to absorb the dirt particles.

Afterwards the air passes through an activated carbon filter and additional microfilter. Through this filtration system, the extracted air is supplied to the production facilities . This enormous heating costs are saved because no additional heating system is necessary. In the summer, the warm air will be discharged to atmosphere. With the extraction system in addition also the generated heat is removed.

In figures 9 and 10 you can see condition before and after the installation of the extraction system. The indoor air is much cleaner and more comfortable and secure work is possible.

Extraction and waste disposal system for plastic chips

The extracted chips are fed by a materials separator to the press plant.

The fine dust is fed to the filter system and a feed screw to the press system.

Injection molding system / high pressure plant

This system is a high pressure extraction system for injection molding waste and dusts accruing in the manufacture of medical products.

By a high-pressure pipe system over ten machines are connected to the extraction system.

The five machines where injection molding waste is produced, a cyclone is integrated in the pipe. The waste is promoted separately and deposited by a high pressure vacuum pump. These wastes are transported to the second cyclone where they are deposited in containers.

The dust-laden air , as well as other machines is transported to the filter unit and collected.

Two clean air ventilators were installed in a soundproof booth, one ventilator serves as a reserve. A continuous monitoring in the pipe system ensures the safe operation of the system. In addition, a silicone , ozone and solvent extraction system was installed.

The filter system is cleaned during operation by means of compressed air.

Extraction system for plastic chips

Replacing an existing cyclone on a press plant against a filter with pre-cleaner and lock.

In place plastic chips are extracted.

Extraction system for silicone and ozone

Extraction system for punching scrap and self-adhesive label

Extraction and waste disposal system for plastic

Extraction system for edge strip

Extraction and waste disposal system for three plastic machining center

Extraction system for plastic as glass interlayer

Extraction system for continuous edge strip with separator and exhaust fan

Material separator for the separation of plastic chips on machining centers

Suction and disposal system for display films

Extraction and disposal system for display films

The foils are automatically removed from two automatic systems and fed to the suction system.

At a further 6 manual feed points, the films are fed into the extraction system by hand.

The extracted foils are then fed to the round baler via a material separator and automatically compressed.

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