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Extraction – The experts for extraction technology

With innovative technology, expertise and experience, we assist you with disposal problems aside. Whether food, bread, paper, plastics, foil, wood, metal or other materials, our systems eliminating your shavings, dust, fibers, edge trimming and production waste and help you to remove it effectively from your production.

The aim is to develop a forward-looking investment for you. Our "know-how" is your advantage.

With years of experience in construction engineering as well as in the planning and development of extraction and disposal facilities, we offer you an individual solution for you. We manufacture and supply of the mobile extractor to industrial plants.

Of the sensing elements on separator, filter systems, control and disposal system, you can have things under one roof.

Our high standards of quality, precision, reliability and innovation of our products we would like to pass on to you, then go with them into the future.

Note that we set the wheels in motion to the wishes and requirements of our customers always be one step ahead. Your solution for the future.

Consulting - Planning - storyboarding - report

  • Planning and advice on exhaust systems and disposal concepts
  • Concept formulation, planning basics such as creating plans in 3D, budget preparation, project coordination, project monitoring, etc.
  • Review and assessment of ventilation equipment and their system components such as fans, Hoods, filter systems, separators, cyclones, etc. on function and performance
  • Concept development, calculation and interpretation of ventilation systems for the detection (extraction), transporting and filtering the dust, shavings, waste
  • Investigation of causes of damage in fire, explosion and functional damage in ventilation extraction, transportation and filter systems
  • Ventilation measurements sound measurements Dust concentration measurement
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