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Projects – Packing

Extraction and waste disposal system for plastic

During packaging meat products waste accrues on 15 machines. The stamping waste, edge strip and packaging material is extracted out of the clean room. Previously the staff had to transport the waste material through material lock off the clean room.

Additionally, the production room is a clean room, which is cooled to 5° Celsius. For this reason all pipes had to be isolated.

The extraction system was installed with an integrated compression and isolated filter system.

Using a high pressure fan with 75 kW power, the edge strip run through a pipe cutter where they are comminuted and supplied to the material separator. After the waste is falls into the compression system it is pressed and supplied to the waste container.

The dust-laden air from the material separator enters the filter system through which the purified air is returned to the operating rooms. In the upper part of the filter system some F9 filter are installed additionally. Furthermore, UV lamps can be adapted for killing microbes.

Extraction system for plastic packaging in 10 thermoforming machines

Suction and disposal system to a punching machine for cardboard

Extraction and disposal facility for cartons with cardboard shredder

Extraction system for glass paper layers in the photovoltaic production

Cardboard waste disposal facility

Extraction of a screw compactor for cardboard

Extraction system for foil liners in photovoltaics production

Extraction and disposal system for PET bottles

Up to 400,000 bottles can be aspirated per hour.

The pipeline, which was installed underground, has 24 connection points, which are closed with heavy-duty covers.

The PET bottles are sucked off either in the empty state via special suction funnels, or in the full state via 4 perforators.

The liquids in the bottles are drained off before the bottles are vacuumed.

These pass through the pipeline to two material separators and are then fed to 4 press systems, which then press the bottles into 4 containers.

Two high-performance fans ensure the corresponding performance.

The return air is conveyed back into the hall via two cross heat exchangers.

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