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Extraction and Waste Management Brück
Extraction and Waste Management Brück
Extraction and Waste Management Brück
Extraction and Waste Management Brück
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Why Brück


We have been doing this longer - for over 80 years! Hence a wealth of experience has grown, whom we offer for your application.

Constructions are no simple machines - each construction is individual and customized to your needs - even more important is expertise and experience in design, construction, commissioning and service!


We are manufacturer - the essential system components are produced in-house. Thus we can guarantee functionality, robust execution and timely, reliable startup.

New applications are covered by tests and trial runs in advance.

Strong team

Planning, engineering and sales belongs together. You talk with the same people - no matter in what stage your project is.

Fabrication and installation out of one hand allows customized systems without interface problems - if you want - turnkey. 


Service and immidiate assistance in case of damage and maintenance are a matter of course. Our mechanics are able to do all services of the various areas.

We want satisfied customers, cause if your constructions are non-operating it will cost you a lot of money – thus we want to counteract. Besides a large stock of spare part we have a large warehouse for hydraulic system, pneumatic system and electronical parts. Furthermore we ware able to manufacture specials parts which no longer exist. We manufacture these parts for a good value for money.

As you see, we can help you in every case. Our employees are constantly trained. With our own vehicle fleet we are able to pick up your machine or system and bring it to our factory to do maintenance. 

Find your solution fpr the future with us!

+49 6434 3855 - 126